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Grappling Gardens provides specialty produce homegrown in Richfield, WI 

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  • Chesnok Red (H) 

  • Georgia Fire  (H)

  • Dunganski  (H)

  • Montana Giant  (H)

  • Music (H)

  • Polish Softneck (S)

  • Persian Star (H)

  • Spanish Roja (H)


Hardneck (H)

Softneck (S)


For images and descriptions of each variety, check out our gallery!

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Scapes are the flower of a garlic plant which are picked in order to focus energy into the garlic (AKA bigger bulbs!!). We pickle our scapes in an apple cider vinegar brine and their taste is out of this world.

Come try our pickled scapes at your nearest market!

*While supplies last (it won't be long!)*

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Grappling Gardens is proud to have over 45 varieties of pumpkins and over 20 varieties of gourds. We have tiny, large, warty, pink, yellow, blue, white, orange, flat and carving pumpkins along with fun gourds, pie pumpkins, and more!

Join us Fall 2024 at Grappling Gardens' farm for a fall experience! We will have a small pick-your-own pumpkin patch, snacks and hot beverages, photo opportunities, small gifts, and more! Another highlight to visiting the pumpkin farm is the opportunity to give back. On select weekends, a percentage of the proceeds will go back to local wrestling teams!



Cedar Lake Syrup provides local maple syrup. The sap is collected from sugar maple trees in the freeze and thaw in early spring. From there it is purified and concentrated into delicious maple syrup. The consistency of homemade maple syrup tends to be runnier than store-bought products, however, the taste is like none other. Cedar Lake Syrup is sold in sizes ranging from half-pint jars to quart jars. 

Cedar Lake Syrup is a division of Grappling Gardens.



Fresh local honey made from the bees in our backyard. Hillside Honey and Grappling Gardens are trying to keep with the effort of restoring the honey bee population in the surrounding areas. Honey is sold in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 2 oz. bears to 2 lb. jars. A unique product that is offered is homemade whipped honey. This is spreadable honey, with a butter-like consistency, that is perfect for spreading on toast or pancakes.


Hillside Honey is a division of Grappling Gardens.

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