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Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

Field Trips Available Mid-September through October

  • 2 hours
  • $10/Student
  • Location 1

Service Description

Typical Field Trips include: 1. Bee information station, where our beekeeper will show the honey extractor and talk about our honeybees. He taught the kids last year the "waggle-dance" which is what bees use to communicate! 2. Pumpkin information station, about our pumpkin varieties, the life cycle of the pumpkins and what different colored pumpkins are named and look like on the inside. 3. Pumpkin stickering and marker station, where kids can pick a pumpkin and decorate them how they would like! 4. Equipment station, where kids learn about our tractor, hay wagon, and other equipment we use on our farm. Teachers, Aids and Parents are free. Coffee and other goods will be available for sale. Students are $10/person.

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